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Give your child the experiences that wake them up to their potential to change the world.

Yup, Children can change the world too!

We are Toronto’s first co-working space for children designed and equipped to help transform their socially innovative ideas into world-changing action.


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What is Sage & Savant?

Does your child ask why you get to do “real stuff” and they get told they can’t?

We are Toronto’s only child co-working space and learning hub with programs that help children recognize their potential to help make their communities a better place.

Does your child get upset at bullies, saddened by homelessness or takes apart stuff trying to figure out how to fix them?

Sage & Savant guides children to tap their inner genius and connect to their power as problem solving change agents and social justice advocates in their communities.

Is your child the kid who watches endless how-to videos obsessed with doing something new?

With fun and engaging programs held in a beautiful inspiring space, children 4-11 are guided into the opportunity, confidence and skills to transform the world from the inside out and inherit a better community they helped build.

Your child is a mini world-changer and you are looking for where they can be guided to do just that?

At Sage & Savant, we resource our children members with a wide selection of learning opportunities, inspiring tools and child-friendly adult experts with the goals of assisting them to transform their social innovation ideas into tangible realities.


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Why Sage & Savant?

A sage is one who has wisdom, who has intellectual, emotional and spiritual insight that cuts right to the bone.

Every child is a real sage.

They have a remarkable and natural wisdom full of an innate wonder-full perspective that the adult world often doesn’t see, acknowledge or recognize.

A savant is one who exercises capabilities and abilities past what’s feasible, normal or expected.

Every child is a true savant.

With their limitless capacity and raw passion, they wow us all the time with what they can do. We believe children rise to what they are called to be.

To us, all children are Sages & Savants.

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Who was inspired to create Sage & Savant?


Ahmeda loves to help children see themselves as their potential already manifested in the world: change makers, advocates, artists, policy shifters, activists, entrepreneurs, leaders, whomever they want to be!

Through her youth empowerment organization, “Voices Of Inspired Children Engaging Society” Global Collective, she serves as an expert creator of transformational processes while pioneering community research and facilitating development initiatives.

Her work to build bridges & nurture brave spaces that empower wholeness of living has changed the lives of hundreds of youth in three continents.

Something of a renaissance woman, Ahmeda is also an academic, a volunteer Medical First Response team member, a social entrepreneur, a comparative theologian, an amateur pilot, a proud mother of five sons.


Our Impact

At Sage & Savant we love to chronicle the transformative impact of our ideas in action. Impact is always on many levels. The kids have their voice on how sage & savant helped them. The parents do too. And finally there is the impact that is felt within communities and in our cases within our global family. Here are a few of our favorite stories .




“I love that I can come here and work with my friends to figure out how we can get adults to see that our voices matters. We use games to learn how to build together. And then we take what we have learned and use it on a social action project. I love the environment and I am working with my team on a sustainable straw project. We want restaurants to start using them. We are going to do an online petition too. I love that I get to do this now and not wait till I am grown.”



“My kids love to wear costumes. They love to cook. They love to paint, woodwork, volunteer at the local soup kitchen and climb trees too. I love that at Sage & Savant all these things come together in new magical world-altering ways and they are happier and more engaged at home and at school too!”


“We love having the Sage & Savant kids volunteer at our monday drop-in’s. They bring their own brand of joy and work really enthusiastically at making friends and doing dishes.”

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