Our Learning Philosophy

These ten ideas and beliefs form the foundation and scaffolding that direct the programs we offer:

  1. We are a yes space. This means we are always looking to reframe conversations and requests from our participants in ways that give them opportunities to dive deeper into their own empowerment.

  2. We facilitate and foster a spirit of curiosity.

  3. We value wonder and imagination and always look for ways to nurture and help cultivate these qualities.

  4. We believe roadblocks can be filled with learning opportunities and re-frame and celebrate them as such.

  5. We insist and affirm that all the ways children see the world are valuable.

  6. Every child’s voice, opinion and participation matters, however that looks.

  7. We believe learning is enhanced by practice and experience.

  8. We encourage self-reflection and mindfulness as important cornerstones to anchor transformation and growth.

  9. We embrace appropriate scenarios that help challenge children to explore their problem solving potential. We are convinced the it gives them confidence to be today’s change makers.

  10. At Sage & Savant, we are always celebrating each other and looking for ways to show how fun it is to learn and build together.


Sage & Savant programs

At Sage & Savant, we have intentionally created a space that allows children to experience themselves as empowered, problem-solving, talent-using agents of social change, TODAY. We have a thoughtfully designed selection of workshops, programs, courses and social events to guide them into recognizing themselves as changemakers today.

Daily drop-in classes


DIY? Heck Yea! When: Tuesdays 10:30 am- 12 pm, 5:30pm - 7pm Cost: $35

This class guides young people to know they are capable of making everyday items themselves. They will learn to use household ingredients and tools to make everyday items, snacks, decorations and more.The class will help kids to see how they can consider the option of making, recycling or upcycling something they need or want, and to be aware of ways they can reduce their carbon footprint.  We guarantee fun, with a goal of going home proud of their own abilities to DIY.


The Science of the unseen world: When: Wednesdays 10:30 am- 12pm, Cost: $35

This class uses microbiological, chemical and physical sciences methods to explore the unseen world. Get to know the who, what, when and how of everyday bacteria, fungi and their friends that live around us. Explore the chemistry that we depend on for food. Unpack the ways energy can be transformed from one kind to another and how this is part of living. With a well equipped lab, you will have all tools you need to unlock your inner scientist!


Making with Nature: When Thursdays 10:30am- 12 pm, 5:30pm - 7pm Cost: $35

Your kids will have fun seeing how the products they use from the moment they wake up to when they go to bed can be made at home! They will make their own toothpaste, body lotion, deodorant and other care products. Working with the natural antiseptic and body care properties of nature, your children will learn how natural ingredients can be used to make products to help them stay clean, healthy and happy!


Chess, Checkers and Tic -Tac, oh no! Fri: 10:30am-12 pm, $35

Board games are fun! Board games in community,  2x the fun! Board games in community with a goal of understanding strategy, developing critical thinking and teamwork skills; core skills in social action, well, that’s priceless! Bring your kids to play board games S & S  style, and make new friends too! We will have board games experts to assist and help celebrate wins and losses or as we like to call them “learning opportunities”.


S & S social innovators club: When: Weekdays 3pm-5pm; $30

A Sage & Savant members only hang, joining this club gives your child 2 hours of facilitated access to Sage & Savant from 3pm-5pm every week day. They also get to participate in short targeted workshops and discussions on how to create and sustain strategic relationships and partnerships in the young people’s changemakers world. A unique opportunity to develop friendships with other like-minded changemakers in the city of Toronto.


Homeschoolers HQ: When: Tues & Thurs 1pm-3pm, $15

Introduce a fresh, fully-equipped environment into your homeschooling routine! With various curriculum workbooks, laptops, 3-d printing, arduino kits, a science lab, a diverse library, arts and craft supplies and music instruments, Sage & Savant is a unique learning space for homeschooling. Sign up to do your planned schoolwork in community. Call ahead to let us know if you want to do a particular activity and we will make sure we are ready for you!

A renewable monthly pass include benefits like:

  • Free tea, coffee ( for parents!), fair trade hot chocolate, snacks and fruits.

  • Access to two 20 minute sessions with our in-house tutor and educational therapist.

  • A unique discount code that gives you up to 50% off on birthday party bookings

Month long “University for Kids” Courses

All of our courses are designed to help your kids re-imagine learning and social action as fun, empowering and completely within their capacity to do! The courses listed in this section range from a 4 week commitment to 3 months. Children meet once a week on the designated day with their social action facilitator who leads the course.

Beyond the Lemonade Stand When: Mon 12pm- 3pm. Sat 10 am - 12pm, Cost: $140

Let’s ignite and inflame the inner social justice spark! Your child is a pioneer, a creative problem solver and an empathetic collaborator! They just might not know it yet. Through a 3-part process, we’ll unearth their true identity, acquire skills, and develop qualities in every child that connect them to the proactive, mobilizing and real change they can make in their world.  Get ready for a remarkable journey of discovery connecting every child’s innate talents to their social justice and ecological interests. With articulated pathways to create change, they’ll build and use a sturdy toolkit with simple steps that lead to solutions.


Young Storytellers unite. When: Wed: 1pm - 3pm, Sat: 1pm - 3pm Cost: $140

Storytelling is a cornerstone of any social action. Using a fun, dynamic curriculum, your children will learn the basics of public speaking, will flex their imagination muscles to create their own stories and will have facilitators help them tell their stories in their own unique voices through writing, vlogging, and podcasting.

School is out ! PA days, Summer & March break

Looking for what we have to offer to your children when school is out? Look no further! We have options for PA days, End of the year holidays, March break, Easter break and Summer camps! At Sage & Savant, we believe anytime is a great time to be the change we wish to see and have fun doing it too!

IMG_0333 2.JPG

PA Days at Sage & Savant. 9am- 3pm, $150

Drop your children off for a day full of fun and fascinating activities! Whilst they are learning and doing cool things both indoors and outside, like making a hit song with an award-winning pro, or creating their own graffiti art, you can have a parent guilt-free day! With the option of us providing a healthy lunch, we’ve truly got you covered for all your PA days needs!

Summer camp at Sage & Savant. When: July 2nd-5th, July 8th-12th, August 19th-23rd (NEW DATE) $475

A week of fun where your kids collaborate virtually on a social innovation project with kids in Ghana, Africa? Yes! They will learn the basics on how to reach beyond to be part of something bigger than themselves! We’ll produce a YouTube video and an Instagram feed takeover at Sage + Savant. Fun hangouts at Trinity Bellwoods Park, visiting the graffiti alleys in the city for inspiration, checking out the AGO’s latest exhibits, and having Q and A sessions with young adult changemakers who started out as kids will alltogether make this the best and most unique summer camp ever!

March break at Sage & Savant. Reduce, Reuse and Upcycle at Sage & Savant! Your child will practice reducing their carbon footprint through a number of fun ways including upcycling clothes, repurposing technology, making their own soaps and lotions, and a special visit to a local horse farm! The kids will make a 3 min video to show off their fun and to kick off their very own online petition that encourages other kids to reduce their footprint too! Register below!