Registration FYI

To register for all of our programs you will be invited to sign up to access our secure customer area. We make it easy by asking only two questions to get you started. We hope to see you soon!

Passports (our membership plan)

IMPORTANT: Steps to buying a passport

  1. Please note you will be required to sign up or sign in to the Customer Area.

  2. Once in the Customer Area, Select the membership option to see our different passport options. Please note that we currently have a summer passport promotion for $177/ month for 1 child and 15% off per child after 2 children. For a list of the benefits of each passport see here

  3. Please follow the prompts to purchase your passport.

  4. See you soon!

Daily drop-in classes and Monthly “University for Kids” Courses

To register your child in a Sage & Savant “University for kids” Course, simply select the class you are interested in and follow the prompts. See you soon!